Bill Flint

Bill Flint
Photograph © P Barling

“At the age of 13 I experienced my first major fire, this was at Tidbinbilla in 1939. I still have vivid memories of my father fighting the fires and becoming trapped on horseback. I didn't think anyone could have survived, but he did. Since then I have been involved with many fires, 1952, 1983, 1991. I was the Captain of the Tidbinbilla Volunteer Bushfire Brigade for many years. January 2003 is an event that you will never forget as 1939 was for me. I praise and thank every single one of you for your efforts and dedication during and after the fires. I hope this book assists you in the future to tell your story of January 2003, as January 1939 was for me.

This is now part of history and your memory.”

Bill Flint 'Congwarra'
September 2003.

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