Urban Interface Saturday 18th January 2003

“The noise was like six F-111 fighters coming at you, it was just so loud. It was like a finger of flames reaching out across the road to get you.”

Mike McColl, Resident of Warragamba Avenue, Duffy and Volunteer Bushfire Fighter.

Kambah backyard on fire

I'd been at it for a while when suddenly, Whoosh!! the backyard went up in a big way and the powerlines sputtered and flashed great blue sparks then thumped to the ground - then the second shed erupted in a gush of flame. I didn't know it then but the house, carport, garage and sheds over the back fence were well alight and totally lost.

Photograph © Jeff Cutting

“You never forget the noise of a firestorm once you have heard it, people describe it like a freight train, but to me it hits too quick, it was like a massive avalanche, all you can do is cringe and wait, you are absolutely powerless. The feeling once its gone is of disbelief and wondering if it was real. The picture you seen 20 seconds ago has dramatically changed.”

Vivien Raffaele, Parks Brigade

Belrose tanker in Kambah

A bushfire tanker from Belrose NSW, working to prevent fire spreading from a gutted house to neighbouring properties in Kambah.

Photograph © Jeff Cutting

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