Tharwa Saturday 18th January 2003

Midday to midnight

With the onset of Extreme Fire Weather, the extended freeburning flanks of the Stockyard, Bendora and Broken Cart fires blew up into massive running fires sending dense smoke plumes over southern Canberra. It was extraordinary, for I had seen midnight last turned into midday on the south side of Mount Tennent and now the midday hours turned into midnight on the north side...quite bizarre.

Photograph © Jeff Cutting

Ingledene pines south of Tharwa

With intense fires burning on the northern slopes of Mount Tennent, the Ingledene pines south of Tharwa are seeded with spot fires.

Photograph © Jeff Cutting

“The fire abated and by 6pm the sun had risen for the second time that day.”

Josie Porter, Outward Bound

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