Sunday 12th January 2003

The strategies remained unchanged. Numerous helicopters were now engaged in water bombing; only limited ACT resources were now at the McIntyres Fire. Bulldozer work was continuing on the Stockyard Spur Fire. A section of the Mt Franklin Road collapsed beneath a vehicle going to the Gingera fire, partially blocking the route to traffic. Consequently no vehicles could reach the Gingera Fire and a recovery plan was put in place. Requests were now being made to Emergency Management Australia (EMA)

to provide four aircraft and four bulldozers to assist with operations.

The Bendora Fire increased in intensity in the afternoon, jumping the Mt Franklin Road and spotting further west heading into Brindabella Valley. Crews were directed into safe zones until the intensity had died down enough for them to proceed back to Bulls Head for a changeover. A mini city was now operating under Emergency Services at Bulls Head with additional support being provided by them from Canberra.

Josh from Rivers Brigade

Josh from Rivers Brigade after extinguishing a spot fire, Bendora Fire.

Photograph © L Brown

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